Sunday, October 14, 2007

cloth nappies at 'large'

we have remained at medium-long to large sized nappies for a while now as the Bean's weight, mass and figure fluctuate. she has slimmed down loads (sigh, i miss my chubby baby) and the legholes of the fuzzibunz in L are really too big, so her petite sized fuzzis are the best fit.

but my favourite going-out nappies are the swaddlebees snaps. these are very slim-fitting and are great for clothes that aren't designed for cloth nappies.

i also have 2 all-in-one monkey doodlezes and they aren't too bad if i don't forget to leave the Bean in them for more than 2-3 hours.

for nights, i really like the combo of fleece night bearbottoms (covers) and bumgenius fitteds.

i am sort of looking forward to putting her in training pants. i've bought 2 bummis ones that seem quite good but wonder how much wee they can hold. i have also a selection of brightbots that are very cute.

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