Sunday, October 14, 2007

carrying conversations with herself

this is actually a phenomenon that started a few months ago but which i had not reported here:
before she began forming actual words (at least any that are intelligible to her parents, that is), i caught the Bean once holding forth to herself just before bedtime. she would mutter something in a questioning tone and then make a "unh uh" reply. this she kept doing for a goodish while before she suddenly looked at me, perhaps realising that she was being watched, and smiled a cheeky smile.

i guess her "call and response" was essentially based on what hub unit and i had/have been doing with her - asking her questions about pictures or whether she loves so-and-so etc - and her own replies.

anyhow, now she is doing this with recognisable words:
"ye ye?" "no"
"nai nai?" "no"
"po po?" "no" ... ...

echoing our questions: "do you love ye ye?", "do you love po po?" etc.

what a funny little girl...

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