Sunday, January 31, 2010

on hot dogs and nicknames

this morning, bean #1 decreed that bean #2's nickname is "mau mau". when asked what it means she said it's simply #2's nickname. yup, i don't get it either.

we then went on how different her own nicknames are, depending on who's calling her. e.g. her daddy likes to call her "princess" whereas i prefer "angel" or "pookie bear".

bean 1 then asked, "can you say something to me?"

me: "what?"

bean 1: "say something like 'can you go get changed please', and i will say 'yes, your majesty'."

me, grinning: "okay. can you get changed please?"

bean 1: "yes your majesty." and her hands go up, out and down in some sort of old fashioned flurry.

most amusing.

later at breakfast, as she paused from her cornflakes and said, "do you know that hot dogs are called that because the bread is like skin wrapped around the sausage like a bone, which is the tail of a dog. that's why it's called a hot dog."

that's her theory anyhow.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

fairy doodles

bean1's artistic doodlings have for a couple of months now focused on the realm of the imagination.

below is one of her latest - a rendition of a fairy and 2 flying horses heading off from a fairy castle. (jan 2010)

this next one she did in december - it's the sugar plum fairy, as quaintly titled by bean1 (see pix top lefthand corner), after the creature from the nutcracker.

bean1 is very taken with ballet, especially the sleeping beauty and the nutcracker. she loves dancing to the entire nutcracker suite whilst i feed bean2 (btw, bean2 is on solids - ingesting but very little though as most end up on her bib, high chair, floor, head, me).

however, she constantly reminds me that her "star performance", as she terms it, is marred by the lack of appropriate footwear. she has a leotard and skirt already - christmas pressies from dh and i - so we have tried to convince her to wait till we get to china and when (if?) she starts ballet classes before buying them. dh has already seen a shop that sells ballet shoes, but i really insist that classes are found and enrolled in before we commit to shoes.

* to see enlarged images of the illustrations, just click on the pictures.